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    A little about the server....



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    A little about the server....

    Post by Mittens on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:44 am

    Hey everyone, I figured it's time to tell people about the server a little bit... It's a long wall of text so stand-by...

    Before we begin; an explanation on why my servers have not been released in the past.

    To start this server will not be for everyone and I, more then anyone understand that. I have had some projects in the past that were great and projects that flopped before they even came to light, it's what happens when your life is controlled by a female who doesn't even let you see your family and has a grip on your testicles because 'I have your kid and you'll listen to me or you'll never see her again' - yes, she's said that and yes, she was serious. I however grew a pair and moved away and am now with a woman who encourages my development, and you will see that when I get this server live that content is constantly being developed and will continue as long as I can keep it going.

    Now... On to the server...

    Max level is 50, for now this will change in due time, I'm wanting to set up AA's the way I want them and make it semi-challenging to get AA's and not just a breeze. This server will not be a walk through and you're done. You're going to actually feel like you DID something on the server.

    Custom classes, there will be all custom classes and each class has at least two talent specializations.

    Custom spells, all spells are custom and scaled, no more having to memorize different spells as you go higher in levels (except Beast Masters, you still have mem pets, because I haven't got the scaling for pets yet).

    Custom content, all custom content. From the moment you start to the moment you finish will be custom.

    Non-open world (for now). Currently there are plans to make it an open world, but for now it'll be a path that you level on, raid with, and enjoy with.

    Artifacts - These are a new idea that I've been playing around with (and before you ask, I've had this idea before World of Warcraft: Legion came out). They're up-gradable by stones that you find in dungeons/raids/quests.

    Gear - Done by quests for the most part.

    Experience is set at a lower rate for people who solo and higher for those who group, to promote grouping within the server. Experience is not fast, quest are how you'll get most of your levels, if you are a grinder who likes to kill mobs to grind your experience later zones will provide more of that feel, but the first zones quests are gear related and will go from there. At level 10 with full gear every class will be able to kill every "boss" in this zone. Custom bosses (non-tank and spank bosses) will begin at level 50 for solo, 30 for group (first dungeon) and 50 for raid.

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