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    -HOTFIX- 08202017



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    -HOTFIX- 08202017

    Post by Mittens on Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:07 am

    General - Your DBSTR will be off until you obtain a new one from the files (which haven't been updated yet, will happen next BIG patch).

    • Throne of Heroes will now send you to the Hub zone.
    • Beast Masters have been fixed and are now able to be played.
    • Redeemers have been fixed and are now able to be played.
    • We are aware spell graphic are not working right now. - This issue has been resolved. Please obtain the new spell file.

    Items -

    • Stalker Chest Pieces no longer use the plate model.
    • For real potions have been fixed now.
    • All start items, and Crushbone items have been updated to be NO-DROP as intended.

    Classes -

    • Knights -

      • Redeemer -

        • Light's Torch -

          • Damage over time is now handled in the DB. Deals 11 damage at level 1 and scales +10 per level.
          • Deals direct damage too, based on your total mana.

    • Keepers -

      • Beast Masters -

        • Pets - Big changes to pet. Balanced them out a bit and made them more like a real person as far as taking damage, and needing healing.

          • Hitpoints reduced by 25%.
          • Hitpoints Regeneration has been set to 0.
          • No longer have special attacks.
          • Damage has been reduced by 22%.
          • Can now crit from level 1.

        • Heal Beast -

          • Mana cost increased to 5% of your max mana. Up from 3%.
          • Healing amount reduced to 2% of your max HP (+ .3% per 10 DEX). Down from 5% of your max HP (+ .5% per 10 DEX)

    • Stalkers -

      • Forest Stalkers -

        • Wound -

          • Now slows movement speed by 25%.
          • Now slows attack speed by 10%.
          • No longer deals damage.

      • Marksman -

        • Snaring Shot -

          • Now slows movement speed by 70%.
          • No longer deals damage.

      NPC -

      • Crushbone - Redesigned, same mobs, mostly the same stats. Just adjusted spawn points, and spawns a little bit.

        • Bosses in Crushbone have had their hitpoints raised by 12%.
        • Lord Kethius will now drop more crafting materials.
        • All mobs now have weapon graphics.
        • Orc Magician's are actually magicians now.
        • Orc Ebonweaver is an actual spell caster now.
        • Orc Master Assassin is an actual rogue now.
        • Orc Slave Master is an actual slave master now (He lashes people).
        • Lord Kethius now slows your movement speed, and attack speed during the fight.
        • Some mobs now patrol.
        • All mobs now have textures and are no longer plain Orc textures.
        • Orc Guards have been properly spawned in their correct location.
        • All mobs have been reduced in spawn time by 50%. (This is just for pre-alpha)

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