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    Changelog 083117



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    Changelog 083117

    Post by Mittens on Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:56 pm

    • Lore groups have been assigned. 
    • Charisma has been changed to reflect Item Level on your items in game, which is now being used.
    • Stone Two now provides 2 Item Levels.
    • There is now a checker. If you are any class that is NOT a valid class you will be told you cannot progress through the server. 
    • [DEV NOTE] - Dungeon testing will be done differently then the zones. How it will work is you will create a character hail the 'Dungeon Tester' located in the HUB zone and tell him you want to be teleported to the 1st dungeon when you're there, you'll see all of the class trainers which will give you your choices of what talent spec you want to be, after you select you hail them again and get your gear/spells/artifact/artifact stones. You can change your talent spec at any time, however the NPC will proceed to unscribe all of your spells and nuke all of your items. There can be no cross spec items, that ruins the entire point of the server. You can have as many test characters as you want, but still only box 2. Dungeon testers will get a flag that makes then unable to be played anywhere else BUT in dungeons, and will be awarded with max skills for their level and anyone can make them. There will be a weekend sometime soon (I hope...) dedicated just to dungeon testing where all bugs will be worked out. The dungeons will have loot established in them. You will also get the chance to test the dungeon with a FULL set of that dungeon gear to see the difference, this is obtainable once you defeat the end boss and hail the flag npc.

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