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    Changelog 09042017



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    Changelog 09042017

    Post by Mittens on Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:18 pm

    Changelog 09042017 - 

    • Noble Basement Guards will now drop their chests.
    • Greo's Blessing (Beast Masters) tooltip now says 10% instead of 2% and is not longer a healing over time spell.
    • Cursed Wrists Mold now only takes one tattered hide, down from 4.
    • Bosses are now immune to snare. **DEV NOTE** This should have been obvious and was a gross over-view. When things like this happen, report them please.
    • Tulys will now accept and return gear as a Vanquisher.
    • (Marksman) Spirit of the Marksman now grants 20% movement speed. Down from 50%.

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