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    Feedback for Templar


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    Feedback for Templar

    Post by Merdeu on Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:52 pm

    study I've got nothing but good to say about Darkness (Templar)study
    The Damage Output is rather Fantastic i love how you have it set up variety of ways for this Unique Class

    Shadow slash:Ranged DPS spell Main spell you want to use for Straight Damage And You Also Gain Mana each time you use this skill (although you will lose a little health but good dmg)
    Darkness: Ranged DPS spell This is your Main Damage Output it Takes your Mana and puts it towards dps on the current target And it also life taps the Current target bringing it back to you
    (i mean who doesn't want to be dark and suck the life out of a npc's soul lol! )

    So far this is what i know about Templar (darkness) cheers cheers cheers Anyone need any help in game Look For Merdeu Smile

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