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    Zone three released!



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    Zone three released!

    Post by Mittens on Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:24 pm

    Release -- Zone 3! -- Please obtain >>NEW SPELL FILES<< and just to be safe... >>NEW DB STRING<<

    Dulak's Harbor -- The people of Unrest were found corrupted by something and UNARMED, this is unusual considering these people are nobles... I wonder why... Speak with Rick and advance into Zone 3 -- Dulak's Harbor!


    • Experience has been brought down by ~15% across the board, it is more beneficial to be in a group.
    • Money is a thing now. Mobs in Dulak's Harbor will drop items for money, to be used in future times. 
    • All gear in Dulak's Harbor is done by turn-ins which is COMPLETELY random. 
    • After this zone is completely tested and I get Group Zone 1 up for testing we will put the ALPHA tag on our server and go from there.


    • Some additional tweaking has been done to make spells a bit more reasonable.
    • AoE spells are being tweaked with as well as higher level spells. Expect some spells not working until these bugs can be worked out.

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