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    Alpha Patch 012292017-1810



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    Alpha Patch 012292017-1810

    Post by Mittens on Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:09 pm

    Alpha Patch 0012292017-1810-– Please obtain ALL new FILES.


    • Juggernaut’s are now in game and ready for testing!

    • Experience has been lowered a bit.
    • Merchants are in game.
    • Factions are in. Every NPC has a faction, and these factions will assist one another.
    • Faction assist radius has been reduced.
    • Vanquisher’s remake has been complete. Their DPS is average with everyone else.


    • All zone points used for custom leveling zones have been disabled.


    • Groundskeeper Billy can drop all of his items, and drops them more frequently.
    • All NPCs in Unrest will drop their quest items all the time.
    • Non-visual gear in Unrest will drop more frequently.
    • Tulys in Unrest will no longer spam you when you hail her.
    • Tulys in Dulak will no longer spawn item 1577.
    • Tulys in Dulak will now give Brawler’s their gear correctly.
    • Ghost in Dulak will now send you to the hub.


    • Prismatic dye is now buyable from the Dye Merchant.
    • Potions are now able to be bought on the Potion Merchant.
    • Skin of Milk and Bread Cakes are on the General Merchant.


    • A Blessed Gemstone Lore tag – Turn this into Tulys. Turn this into Commander Galix.
    • Food and drink no longer weigh anything.
    • Tradeable materials are now sellable.
    • You can now obtain Prismatic Dye from Dye Merchant in Freeport City Hall. This merchant, for now will give you 100 20 for free.
    • Hitpoint Potion is now Minor Hitpoint Potion and the icon has been updated.
    • Mana Potion is now Minor Mana Potion and the icon has been updated.
    • Endurance Potion is now Minor Endurance Potion and the icon has been updated.
    • Diamonds that drop from Dulak are now sellable.
    • Shrink Potion is no longer temporary.


    • NEW CLASS -- Juggernaut: Juggernauts have two specializations –

      • Brawler: - This talent spec relies on their melee weapon for dealing damage. They do not get any abilities that deal damage, only procs.

        • Summon: Axe of Ire – Summons your artifact weapon.
        • Haste of Kings – Grants you haste.
        • Battle Stance – Grants you a proc that deals damage based off of endurance.
        • Form of the Giant – Turns you into a giant, granting decreased damage taken and grants you ‘Battle Stance’ effects as well.
        • Form of the Shade – Turns you into a shade, granting you a chance at a 5% life steal proc.
        • Form of the Sporali – Turns you into a mushroom, granting increased endurance regeneration and ‘Haste of Kings’ effects as well.
        • Summon: Stones of Ire – Summons your artifact stones. (This is a quest tome that is upgraded the same way everyone else get their stones.)


        • Warmaster: - This talent spec has abilities that deal damage with abilities and help from their weapon.

          • Brawl – Direct damage.
          • Whirlwind Strike – Area of effect damage.
          • Crippling Strike – Snare.
          • Warmaster’s Focus – Increases your accuracy.
          • Focus of the Warmaster – Increases your endurance regeneration.
          • Execute – High powered damage with a long cooldown.
          • Rage of the Warmaster – Increase your haste, dexterity and strength for a short time.


      • Stalkers:


          • Stable Shot:

            • Now restores .5% mana per cast. Down from .9% mana.

          • Focus Shot:

            • Now has a range of 100. Up from 25.


        • Knights:


            • Beacon of Hope:

              • Second effect removed.
              • Places a beacon on your target restoring mana over time. Fades when struck in combat. Fades when you cast a spell.


          • Keepers:

              Beast Masters:

              • Pets:

                • Increases base HP on all pets above level 10 by 13%.
                • Increased base damage on all pets above level 10 by 4%.
                • Increased max damage on all pets above level 10 by 2%


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