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    Feedback for Beast Master


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    Feedback for Beast Master

    Post by Vixenary on Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:00 am

    This is just based off what I've played so far.

    - The pet seems a little too powerful and the player seems a little too weak. I get cut down like a stack of wheat. I'm not sure if the class is supposed to be more of a ranged type (let the pet tank), but if that's the case, then maybe something like a throwing spear would work better as an artifact?
    - Frost Rift seems to do a little too much damage when the scaling starts to really kick in. This seems to be the case for most of the abilities and such. Once you get one or two levels above the mobs, they become really trivial to kill and even the bosses get much, much easier to kill.
    - I'm not sure if it's supposed to be the case, but we can only do the augment quest for our artifacts once in CB.
    - Is the 50% movement speed debuff from the Choidai pet going to be necessary? It doesn't really seem to do much of anything except for when the mob is on low hp and is running away.
    - I think 50% attack speed might be a little too much from the Quickening the Beast buff. The pets already do a good amount of damage, and I think 50% makes it a little too op.
    - The head and wrists don't seem to give too much benefit at the moment. 5 and 2 mana respectively aren't very much in the grand scheme of it all.
    - Some of the armor quests update simultaneously. When I turned in leather, one of my other quests updated and I only needed to turn in the pattern for it.
    - I might start people off with one backpack so they have somewhere to store the spells and stuff while they do the bag quests. Otherwise, they're not going to have any space while they gather the silk.
    - The server or the zone (CB) seems to hiccup a bit. I get kicked every now and again from dropped connection.

    If I think of more stuff I'll add it.


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    Re: Feedback for Beast Master

    Post by Mittens on Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:51 am

    Hello Vixenary, thank you for testing the Beast Master talent specialization and the server.

    - Pets are pretty powerful for the 1st zone. We are unable to get a good pet scaling script. Once we obtain one, the pets will be more regulated. At levels 1 through 10 though there's not too much we can do with pets, it's either they're extremely good, or extremely bad. I've modified their HP/Regen/Damage multiple times, spent a solid 3 days trying to get a happy medium and figure out it is not possible with the lack of HP the client has at the start of the game versus the amount of damage the mobs need to do in order to make healers useful. The player being weak is also intended. The whole point of the Beast Master talent specialization is to be able to be in Melee if you want to, or back at range using Frost Rift. Your weapon(s) that you have will play a much, much larger part later on in the game when they have their other 4 sockets filled, I can assure you.

    - Frost Rift scales at 8% of your max mana + .5% every 10 Agility. Since your heal for your pet scales a little lower we gave Frost Rift the ability to deal some good damage at the cost of mana. (After looking this over, Frost Rift will be changes in mana cost to make up for the damage it actually does. Will be addressed in a HOTFIX patch here directly.)

    - Augment quest in CB is meant for Artifact Augment Slot 1 only. Zone two will unlock the 2nd, zone three the 3rd and so on and so fourth. Once you hit max level is when zones will be dropping multiple stones, so this is working as intended.

    - 50% Movement is actually not from the pet, it's from the weapons that you give the pets, it's a proc on the weapon, more specifically. It'll become more useful later, when mobs have more HP and run.

    - 50% Attack speed will be looked into. Remember, this is only zone one.

    - Head piece: Grants 2 points of damage to your frost rift and about 3 to your healing. Wrists grant 1/2/2/2/2/2 (respectfully) damage and about 2 points of healing. Remember, this is only zone one. Zone two when you get these items upgraded might show their true potential.

    - Yeah.... I don't have anything to say about this, unfortunately. I thought they were going to update as you turn in just for that specific quest, but it turns out that was botched pretty hard, lol. I know what I'm going to be doing with the quests next time, and providing 10-20 zone goes well those quests all all change... The helm is the weakest item, which is why it's only the pattern.

    - Good idea. I'll get right on that.

    - Nah, I figured out what that was, it was Forest Stalker's ability -WOUND- I had thought I fixed it with the last patch, but it appears that with the scripts if an enemy dies with a DoT on him, it will crash the zone. Really unsure why, might have to revert all DoT's back to normal scales. Which will make them quite a bit weaker, but might be necessary so zones don't crash.

    ---Cheers, if you think of more I'll address them. ^.^

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