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    -HOTFIX- 08122017



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    -HOTFIX- 08122017

    Post by Mittens on Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:28 am

    - HOTFIX - 08122017


    • Added a bag to starter items.
    • All gear is obtained by trade skills now. Use the loom and the forge. Instructions for how gear is made has been made visible from Tulys.
    • Added potions to game. Hail Potion Master to get them. You must have selected your talent specialization in order for this npc to work.
    • All items that were once there are replaced with the new item codes. 
    • Sheets of Iron now stack to 50.
    • Silk now stacks to 50.
    • Leather now stacks to 50.
    • Chain now stacks to 50.
    • Tons of DB changes if you have ANY issues with it PLEASE message me, or post on the forums, I'll be MORE then happy to rectify any issues.
    • Potions cooldowns are now 2 minutes (as intended)
    • All essences removed. Now to make items is much easier.
    • NPC scripts have been updated to reflect all changes.
    • Artifact Stone One (All classes) has been updated. Hail Tulys for more information.


    • Templar - 

        Darkness - 

          ~ You now take damage from Shadow Mind, as intended.

          ~ Shadow Mind is now a damage over time again, like it was originally.

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